February 2018

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Maximize Your Google My Business Listing

“I’ve never been lost,” said Daniel Boone; “But I was once perplexed for a few days.” It’s said that Boone was a master at staying found. Making his way through the wilderness with nothing more than an incomplete map, a compass, and his own sensibilities, he blazed a trail that thousands would follow from Virginia […]

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YouTube: Tap a Super Bowl Sized Audience for Free

Do you remember the Super Bowl ad about the antiques dealer? Neither do I. At nearly $3 million for a 30-second ad, you won’t see any small retailers advertising during the Super Bowl. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing an ad for an antiques store on television – ever. The $3-million-for-30-seconds price tag breaks […]

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training sales associates

Training Antiques Sales Associates to Succeed

I get a big kick out of my fellow auctioneers. Some of them (especially the newbies) think that auctioneers are such great salesmen. Wherever auctioneers gather, you will see a few of them assembled telling “war stories” and comparing notes about what they and others have sold. At some point in the conversation, someone will […]

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remote live auction

Reduce Inventory with a Remote Live Auction Sale

Antique dealers often buy at remote live auction sales, but few consider having such a sale for themselves. Retailers are optimists by nature.  You wouldn’t believe it to talk to them but it’s true. They keep hoping that they will have a run on their slow-moving merchandise.  They are not willing to continue to drop […]

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social media marketing

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

These days, social media marketing is pervasive. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn now have membership bases that span generations and spread across the globe.  It is estimated that the membership of Facebook alone exceeds the population of the United States.  The above sites allow you to create a page for your business, as […]

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viral marketing

Viral Marketing Success

It’s said that in order to sell something to someone, they must know you, like you, and trust you. The know-like-trust combination is time-consuming to implement as a marketing strategy.  It requires building one-on-one relationships with your customers; getting introductions to prospects, finding common ground with them, and establishing a level of trust.  This process […]

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buy antiques business

How to Buy an Antiques Business

Are you in the market to buy an antiques business? Would a listing like this one pique your interest? For Sale: “Great little antique shop … packed floor to rafters with inventory of all types … new owner won’t have to buy inventory for two years … make more money if new owner will keep […]

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email marketing

Antique Dealers: Don’t Give Up on eMail Marketing

Just to watch her reaction, I asked my mail carrier to break the law. “Jane” I said, “I’m going to put a trash can right here next to my mailbox. Would you mind just throwing the junk mail into the trash can and putting the important stuff into my mailbox?” “I certainly will not!” she […]

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Ignite Sales by Marketing to Millennials

Last fall the antiques world was set a buzz by multiple sightings of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift shopping for antiques. For a brief moment, dealers hoped that the young star’s interest in antiques would spawn a renaissance in antiques buying among other Millennials. We’re still waiting for that to happen. Those darned Millennials. As a group […]

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anchor pricing

Anchor Pricing for Higher Antique Sales

You’re a rational person. As a rational person, if I tell you that you’re about to be tricked then you will be on guard, and less likely to be fooled. Or so you think. Prepare yourself to be tricked while taking the following pop quiz: 1. Is the average temperature in San Francisco higher or […]

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