February 2018

accounting software

Right Accounting Software Can Transform Your Antiques Biz

Since retiring from my full-time pursuits a few years ago, my wife Jill and I have begun to go grocery shopping together. Well, perhaps “shopping together” is a misnomer. We enter the store together, to be sure; but I’m given a list and a hand basket, Jill takes a cart, and we go our separate […]

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3 Ways Google Trends Will Improve Your Business

Everyone wants to know what’s hot, what’s selling and what’s not. Fashion, entertainment, shopping, news and technology all have their daily “trending now” web updates. “What’s Hot” lists are not uncommon in the antiques trade, but since there is no standardized reporting format (like there is in larger industries), it’s difficult to interpret the list […]

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antique dealer dicker day

Kick off the New Year with Dealer Dicker Day

For many antique dealers, the month of January represents the “after Christmas doldrums.” Customers are scarce, sales are down, and gray winter skies cast a pall over shopping excursions. What January needs is a little “sales sunshine”: an event that’s fun and social and enticing enough to get customers out of their homes and into […]

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antique mall

Antique Mall Rents Should Be Based on Location, Traffic

Why do antique mall owners tell dealers they are selling space when they are really selling traffic? Who pays for traffic? A well-worn aphorism is that there are but three important considerations in real estate: location, location and location. I submit that this isn’t true for antiques dealers. For antiques dealers, the three most important […]

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reduce theft

7 Ways to Reduce Antiques Theft

It was just after 7 a.m., and the Mountain Top Antique Mall in Hillsville, Va., hadn’t opened yet. A late-model black pickup truck pulled into the mall’s lot and parked. An older man got out of the truck, walked up to the porch and tried the door; it was locked. No one was around and […]

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dead inventory

Why Dead Inventory Can Kill Your Antiques Business

Not too long ago in an online antiques forum, a dealer posed this question to other dealers: “What do you consider dead inventory and what do you do with it?” It was a lively discussion, with 69 comments in the thread. The forums definitions of dead inventory included: Stuff nobody wants Anything over 10 months […]

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4 Ways to Dispose of Dead Antiques Inventory

5 Ways to Dispose of Dead Antiques Inventory

In my last column, we developed a definition of dead inventory. I promised you then that this time we would discuss how to get rid of dead antiques inventory in a manner that didn’t involve giving it away to the local thrift shop or carrying it to a flea market. So, here are five easy […]

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How to Win Over ‘Showrooming’ Customers

Back in 1897, it was rumored that Mark Twain had died. Twain was unaware of the rumor until a reporter showed up at his door inquiring about his health. The reporter, disappointed that he missed a big story, went on his way. Twain was amused by the incident and later recounted the tale for the […]

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Email Marketing Success

Six Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is reported to be the second most-used online marketing tool, second only to search marketing.  According to Internet World stats, more than 360 million people use the internet every day.  More than half of those people use their email account daily, which means that every day almost two hundred million people open their […]

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marketing videos

Create Marketing Videos in Three Steps

Keeping up with trends in internet marketing can be challenging.  Currently, marketing videos are all the rage.  Video is everywhere, and for good reason. Written messages do not carry the persuasive weight of a well-produced video.  Delivering your message content in more than one medium satisfies the different learning styles that people have. Not everyone […]

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