Wayne Jordan

Flip It or Skip It

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antique mall profits

Antique Mall Profits for Dealers and Dabblers

Low Overhead. No Employees. What’s Not to Like? Whether you already operate an Antique Mall booth—or another type of antique business—this book is for you. It is designed with one purpose in mind: to help antique dealers make the connection between their inventory and their money. Inventory—buying, pricing, displaying, and selling it—is at the core […]

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consignment shop

Can You Make Money with a Consignment Shop?

You can make money with a consignment shop, if you plan carefully. Wherever you establish your shop, you will get consignments. Most homeowners have goods they no longer need, and many would much rather consign them to you for resale than donate them to a thrift shop. The crucial question is whether you can sell […]

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Competition Increases Sales

Dealers, would you rather be the only antique store in your town, or have a lot of competition? I asked that question often in my recent visit to the Hillsville, Va., Labor Day Flea Market. A surprising number of dealers answered that they prefer to have no competition at all. One dealer even boasted that […]

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Consignment Gold Rush

Consignment Gold Rush: the Ultimate Startup Guide

Another gold rush has begun in America, but the gold is disguised as second-hand goods. These goods are valuable, plentiful, and can be had for next to nothing. Unneeded household decor, clothing, electronics, musical instruments, antiques, artwork and more are being assigned to consignment shops at a fraction of their original retail value. Sales at […]

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Inventory, Investment, and Perception

The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets Baron von Rothschild, the 19th-century British banking magnate, had a succinct investment philosophy: “The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets, even if that blood is your own.” The Baron would know: He made a fortune in the panic that […]

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Promoting your antiques business

Eleven Affordable Tips for Promoting Your Antiques Business

For those in the antiques business, hope springs eternal. Dealers look forward to a new year, hoping for profitable merchandise, good inventory turnover, and new customers. Some dealers will spend the year hoping; others will make a plan and work to make the plan a reality. Central to gaining more customers and making more sales […]

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small retailers

Small Retailers Surge Forward

Big Media seems to have missed the message about small retailers. CNBC, The Washington Post, CBS, Fox, USA Today, and most major news organizations are happy to assert that small retailers were out-of-touch, overwhelmed by online sellers. They seemed to have the facts to back up their stories: In 2017, around 6,700 U.S. storefronts closed, […]

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virtual antiquing

Virtual Antiquing: Putting Pictures to Work

Antique Trader’s “virtual antiquing” Facebook page feature has become one of my favorite newsfeed items. I enjoy seeing how shops display merchandise and what types of inventory they carry. When I occasionally spot an unusual item, I get particularly excited. Many of the goods in such photos you just don’t see on eBay. I often […]

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traffic flow

How to Set Traffic Flow in Antique Shops

Have you ever focused your attention on the way you walk? Do you stand straight with your shoulders back, or do you lean forward? Do you saunter or walk quickly? Have you noticed how the customers in your antique shop walk? Most independent retailers give little thought to how their customers walk and move through […]

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