Keyword Research Essentials

Keyword Research Essentials

There are only 3 steps in any online marketing campaign:  Keywords, Strategy, and Execution.  It doesn’t matter if you have a website, a blog, a social network, mobile marketing, or whatever the next big thing is; it all comes down to these three things.  If you are going to effectively promote your business, you must learn keyword research essentials.

Learning keyword research essentials should be the first item on your agenda.  Before you commit to a business or buy a domain name, you need to find competitive keywords and investigate your competition.  Otherwise, you will build a nice website that no one will find, and your investment will be wasted.

How Are Keywords Important?

A keyword is an identifier that enables a web searcher to find your website.  Every website identifies itself by keywords.  If you want a snow shovel with an ergonomic handle, when you go to Google and search using the keyword snow shovel, every website that has identified themselves with the term snow shovel will show up.  If there are 10,000 websites, you may have to search quite a while for the shovel you want.  If, however you search for the specific term ergonomic snow shovels in Boston, you will get those sites first.  Webmasters who have paid attention to their keyword research essentials have identified themselves with that search term and their site will show up first. 

If you were the merchant selling snow shovels, you would have difficulty competing for first page position with 10,000 other merchants selling snow shovels.  But if your competition didn’t think to identify themselves with the keyword ergonomic snow shovels, you would have an advantage.  So, the important keyword research essentials are to identify yourself with as many variables as you can (or very specific, whichever)

Keyword research essentials state that you strive to use the words that people actually use when they are searching.  For example, if you are selling home-made jewelry and you decide that your main keywords will be “home made jewelry”, you won’t get any traffic to your site if the internet users you are trying to target generally search with the keywords “hand-made jewelry”.

How Do I Find Good Keywords?

  The Google keyword tool can provide you with keyword ideas and alternatives, and it is free.  Start by entering the keywords which you think are appropriate, and analyze the results that are returned.  Pay attention to the number of global and local searches that are performed, as well as the competition level.  Ideally, you want the highest number of searches and the lowest level of competition.  

When you have chosen a list of keywords, test each keyword set by performing a Google search.  Pay attention to the websites that come up on page one; that’s where you want to be.  Have a look behind the scenes at the keywords the top websites are using.  to do this, right click on you mouse, and choose the menu item “page source”.  The page displayed is the html code for the web page, and if you look around you will see the word “keywords” followed by a list of keywords used for that page.  If there are keywords you haven’t thought of, add those to your list.  After all, they worked for the top websites, didn’t they?  These site are “on top” because they paid attention to keyword research essentials.

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